Busker HoF 75 – Late Night Madness Vol. 1

Episode Notes:

Comments: Late Night Madness Shows were, at the beginning, an accident caused by a goof in scheduling made by festival founder Dick Finkel. What started out as mishap grew to become one of the defining elements of the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival and something that has lived on well after Dick stepped down at the festival’s producer.

The concept is simple: do something you don’t normally do in your street show and/or do something you make up at the festival with someone you’ve never performed with before. The festival provides the venue and resources for artists to push themselves to the limit in an environment that both encourages risks and supports it. Each show also tends to have a theme of some sort which is either brought to the group by the director or decided upon by the group.

When producer, Shelley Switzer, asked Mike Wood to direct one of the Late Night Madness shows at the 2016 Edmonton International Street Performers Festival, the Theme that was decided upon lent itself so well to the podcast format that we decided to turn it into an episode. Enjoy!

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Bonus Images provided by Alan Plotkin, commentary by Mike Wood: 

Quick late-afternoon tech rehearsal for “Amber can’t sing.” 

Mike Wood explains himself, and tells a story about barfing.

Amber can’t sing. But the Cunnilingus Chorus sure can! (Aytahn’s technique is magnificent) 

James steals booze from dead people.

Jason uses his awesome powers to win some meat.

Emma, James & Morgan sweat out their demons.

Amber & Mike act out Aytahn’s post-coital wiener anxiety. Jason sets the mood on the accordion.

Aytahn overcompensates.

Morgan is sexy. Also: she knows it.

Amber, Morgan & Emma dance a very deadly dance.

Uri lives out a lifelong latex-themed dream.

The whole cast, triumphant (from left to right James O’Shea, Aytahn RossAmber BorotsikBendy Em (Emma Kerger)Morgan NadeauUri WeissMike Wood and Jason Kodie).

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